3 thoughts on “Children of the Antalaha Prison… for stealing vanilla…

  1. This is indeed very sad. These are poor children in a poor country now caught up in a system obviously run and manipulated by the wealthier and privileged. No society on earth should ever treat people, especially children, like this! Its purely inhuman. How can we do something to get them lawyers, representation, legal assistance, etc whatever they need to not have to bear this kind of treatment in their childhood years? Terry Roth

  2. George,
    This came in the mails…: Joey is a Canadian woman attached to the very well known pharmacist, Marie Hélène, who, with some help by Hachmann has done some good things like a leprosy and the attached school, but is also an active politician…
    I do not think they are active at the prison. Maybe the vanilla community should pay for improving the life of these kids. it can easily be done as, as for other matters, money can buy you anything over there!
    JHA is a one person operation, Joey, and the fund essentially pays for her subsistence.

    De : JHA FUND
    Envoyé : jeudi 3 octobre 2019 01:21
    À : michelmanceau@hotmail.com
    Objet : [New post] Children of the Antalaha Prison… for stealing vanilla…

    JHA FUND posted: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyJNbmEslYE”

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