Comité d’Aide aux Lépreux d’Antalaha (Leprosy Relief Committee of Antalaha)



A very active lady in the community; Marie-Hélène Kam Hyo Zschocke, president of the NGO C.A.L.A., is aiming for social and professional reintegration of these former leprosy patients.

MHKH and me

Most patients are physically handicapped and almost all are moms and dads of several children.photo #6

The villages are in constant need of support. For more information click here: CALA_francais

Photos below of villagers at work at C.A.L.A. Belfort

~Claudette weaving baskets, bags and purses with raffia – leaf fibers of the raffia palm treeimage
~Father and son drying out peanuts in the sunimage

Empowering Orientation aims to help less fortunate people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives. This strengthens the awareness of their own potential to control their situation.

~Filaos or Casuarinasimage

Deforestation in Madagascar is an ongoing environmental issue. Forests disappear quietly and gradually due to the ‘slash and burn’ cycle of farming, the need for firewood for cooking and for building materials. Marie-Hélène of C.A.L.A. and Macolline has taken it upon herself to contribute to community-wide tree planting on the public beaches of Antalaha, at Macolline botanical garden as well as in the villages and in her nurseries. Reforestation is, after access to clean water, vital for environmental and community health. Planting trees looks ahead to the future and improves quality of life. If every student in Antalaha were to plant a tree, there would be at least 25,000 new trees!  Macolline provides the seedlings. Please see my ADOPT A TREE MENU above for more information on how you can contribute.

JHA new logo


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