Partners & Supporters:

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Collaborating Schools:

-CURSA (Centre Universitaire Régional de la SAVA), LYCEE Horace Francois, LYCEE Catholique Vohemar, LYCEE Sambava, EPP Espoir, EPP Rue de Marseille, EPP Andampisoa, EPP Ambatomitraka, EPP Ambondrona, EPP Ankolabe, EPP Taratra Tanambao etc…

Passionate teachers and schools are the foundation for every successful project. Thank you to our dedicated educational professionals and collaborating institutions in Antalaha and surrounding areas!

We are always in need of funding for our ongoing and future projects.  To help support our work, please click on the MAKE A DONATION button.

This button leads to PayPal. Make a Donation Button

For donations of over $500, there is a tax break. Please go to our partner CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION OF AMERICA

JHA’s impact would not be possible without the generous support of donors. Their contributions have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of people affected by leprosy and otherwise. As part of my commitment to transparency, I publicly disclose those who support my efforts. This list is comprised of those who have made contributions to advance the work of any part of the JHA FUND, cumulative through 2013 to present.


Takeo Hama of Japan $2640 for environmental education
Aust & Hachmann Canada my #1 donor, supplies the airline tickets and much financial support to enable me to work in Madagascar.
Aust&Hachmann Germany
Tripper Inc. of Bali Indonesia
-William Uy Ta Gia
-David Moscovitch and Gloria Bruner
-Laurie, Debbie and Enid Bultz
-Bruce & Lori Brunett
-Anonymous to repair a school at the CALA village after cyclone ENAWO -V&B F
Adventnorth Canada donates t-shirts, tank tops and hats featuring the JHA, Aust & Hachmann and Macolline logos
-Grant from The U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program to help improve the botanical site Macolline and to reach our goals for environmental education
Duke University Lemur Center “DLC” on-going support and grants for environmental education school trips with Macolline
-Grant and on-going support from Seacology to build a cyclone proof welcome center at the botanical site Macolline and to reach our goals for environmental education school trips


-Shahid Hadi of Mississauga
-Anonymous -LF
-Anonymous for environmental education at Macolline
-Freedom’s Fund of Montréal $400 for school fees for Gracia (Victoire’s daughter)
Staples/Bureau En Gros Canada; a second hand laptop computer to C.A.L.A. school
-Lawrence Abrams of Toronto
-Anonymous x2
-Margaretha & Heinz Köpfer of Zürich


-Ronit Yarosky generously donated a digital camera for Rado and the kids at MACOLLINE
-Leslie Villatoro of Montreal funds for children to take field trips to Macolline
-Eric Kouri of UNION COFFEE on Jean Talon in Montreal
-Joel Moscoe of Toronto; a pair of crutches for Francois of the CALA village
-Bobby & Elaine Moscovitch of Montreal; a bicycle for Yola Vavy to get to and from school
-Margaretha und Heinz Köpfer of Zürich; school fees for Olivier Totovelo & Theodose
-Sonja Nyenhuis of Hamburg
-Carole Rocklin of Montreal clothes and school supplies for Yola


-Michael Moscovitch
-Earl Arthur Love
-Anonymous dentist in Montreal donated 30 tubes of toothpaste
K. David Brody of Montreal
-Penni Kolb
Angie’s Vanilla of Miami Florida
-ALF of Burlington
-Patricia Raymond of Montreal
-Julia and Ohad David of Israel
-Bobby, Elaine and Penny Moscovitch of Montreal
-Lewis Family of Israel/Montreal
-Dominique Leonard & John Macfarlane of Toronto
-Terry Roth of Magog
Bonnie Eskelson of Brampton
-Neetal Chhana

Click jha-activity-report for an up to date financial report.

PRICELESS: Continuous moral support from Aust & Hachmann Canada, family, extended family and good friends.

Your generosity makes my mission possible. The people of Antalaha thank you for your openhanded contribution. I thank you for helping me make a difference.

Gifts to Grow! is an amazing story about a container full of donations arriving from Montreal, Canada to Antalaha, Madagascar! Thank you to AUST & HACHMANN CANADA and all their staff for covering the costs of the shipment, helping with the loading and contributing so many items to the cause. Thank you as well to all the other incredibly generous people that participated in helping me collect, store and transport items. This was a total success
Team of people that helped fill the container!:

The Van der Walde family & the Aust&Hachmann Canada team: David van der Walde, Manon De Ladurantaye, Mina Fargnoli, Philip Bertrand, Christopher Richard, George Sutherland & Patricia Raymond, Mina Fargnoli’s family & friends: Sonia, Carlos, Victor, Sofia, Patty, Patrick, Annick, Audrey, Noah, Liana, Carlos, Jan Carlos, Anthony, Kayla, Anna Corso & family, Corso/Masone family. Incredible Mina, thank you!

Carole Rocklin, David Moscovitch, Gloria Bruner, Shawna Adler, Jean Lebrun, Jonathan Adler, Debbi Adler, Karen Rocklin-Weare, Bobby and Elaine Moscovitch, Gerry Nichols, Howard & Suzanne, Eric Nichols, Dan Leger, Matt Caille, Rhoda Gordon, Carol Abramson, Pauline Rajabian, Maria Carriero, ALF, Sandy W, Mr & Mrs W, Debbie & Laurie Bultz, Darren Quenneville, Dawn Gordon and many, many more wishing to remain anonymous.

A special thanks to Terry Roth and his friends for gathering a huge chunk of the items donated and for helping me with the transport to get everything together.

Canadian communities and businesses:

Parasuco Jeans Montreal, Quebec
AdventNorth Apparel Burlington, Ontario
St. Leonard Quebec community
Cote-St.-Luc Quebec community
St. Lazare and Hudson Quebec community
Constance Bay Ontario community
Anonymous- medical supplies

Click on the picture to see more…
Gifts to grow!

This button leads to PayPal. Make a Donation Button

-Photos of the results of cyclone ENAWO March 2017.

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There are many people who are eager to learn and improve their country’s situation, they just need opportunities. If you can help me to help them, then we’re all making a difference together.


  • Madagascar ranks among the world’s poorest countries, with more than two-thirds of the population living below the poverty line
  • The country suffers from a lasting political crisis since 2009. The origin of this crisis was the forced resignation of the elected president on March 17, 2009 in an effective military coup
  • The economy has declined since. Unemployment, lack of food, insecurity, crime and corruption are on the rise
  • The number of child labourers has risen to 2,000,000 children under the age of 15
  • Madagascar is the third most vulnerable country to natural disasters after Bangladesh and India. Frequent cyclones and tropical storms batter the island nation, leaving widespread devastation that impedes the development of this impoverished population
  • In 2010 Madagascar had an average of 3 hospital beds per 10,000 people and a total of 3,150 doctors, 5,661 nurses, 385 community health workers, 175 pharmacists and 57 dentists for a population of just under 22 million
  • In 2012, the population of Madagascar was estimated at just over 22 million, 90 percent of whom live on less than two dollars per day
  • Deforestation with resulting desertification, water resource degradation and soil loss has affected approximately 94% of Madagascar’s previously biologically productive lands

“Ability is of little account without opportunity.” -Napoleon

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