Jambo. I’m in Nairobi airport waiting for my flight to Tana (Antananarivo). The first time I heard a guy say “hakuna matata” I did a double take. I was almost ashamed for being so callow…

The long haul of this journey is something that I was dreading from the day I decided to do this. The airplane air, the early morning stop overs, etc… But I am happy to say I am having a great time. The cultural change from Morocco to Kenya is night and day. I went from Arabic/French to everyone speaking perfect English and yet I’m deeper in to Africa than ever. Back to French in a few hours in Madagascar, and Malagasy of course, a new language to conquer.

Met a really cool guy on my first flight from Casa to Cairo, he’s originally from Manchester England. An Arabian horse trainer and handler for the Saudi prince himself. Has been living in Riyadh on a farm for the past 16 years. He “snuck” me in to the Egypt Air first class lounge with him during our stop overs in Cairo. He continued to Saudi from there of course, and I came here to Nairobi. I got free hot food, bottled water and an apple juice! I took a bottle of water with me in hopes that they wouldn’t confiscate it at boarding. When my bag went though the X-ray (keep in mind that this is my second flight at this point) the security guy asked me to empty my bag. I figured it was because of the water… But no! I had left my Swiss Army knife in my purse! Well, I kissed that goodbye. Literally kissed it after begging him to let me take it and telling him that security in Morocco let me take it (security in Casa didn’t even flinch).. He opened one of the knives and did a little demo of how I can slit someone’s throat! Ha! I had that thing since I am 16 years old. And in hind sight, I should have at least kept the leather case! Boy, did he score a cool tool.

Only 2 more hours until my flight to Tana. A night in Tana proper and then another flight to Antalaha the next day. Marie Helene should be putting me to work within the first couple of days at the school and at the centre that she runs. I look forward to it all.

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