That Malagasy forest featured in Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’? It’s vanishing fast

Article by Malavika Vyawahare  26 April 2019

Some conservationists believe the threats facing these forests deserved more space in the Netflix series. “While the Our Planet team were in the field they put real effort not just into filming the wonderful species of Madagascar’s western dry forests, but also the existential threats forests face,” Julia P.G. Jones, a conservation scientist at Bangor University, U.K., told Mongabay. “They spent time talking with local communities, really exploring the complex reasons behind the extraordinarily fast deforestation in the region … To me it feels like a missed opportunity that they didn’t use this footage.”

Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in Africa, is struggling to save its natural heritage. “There are no simple answers to resolving the incredibly rapid deforestation. But if something doesn’t change very soon, these irreplaceable forests, and their fossa and lemurs, will not be left for filmmakers to film,” Jones said.

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