Gifts to Grow Part 2

Click on the link below Gifts to Grow! for an excerpt on the distribution of the contents of the JHA/AUST&HACHMANN container!
Gifts to grow!

A very special thanks to Marie-Helene Kam-Hyo, Bernd Zschocke, ETS Germain, GIDA English Club, Victoire, Luca, Rado and Ertice! Without your help on this side of the globe, the distribution of the container would not have gone so smoothly.

One thought on “Gifts to Grow Part 2

  1. My husband Bruce and I had the amazing opportunity and privilege of spending 3 days with Joey in Madagascar and participating in the distribution of some of these donated goods to their most appreciative recipients. Bravo to all who contributed and helped make this a reality! Lori Burnett, Montreal, Canada

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