Gifts to grow!

About a year ago, I sent out a mass email about the idea to send a container full of donations to Antalaha, Madagascar. Within three months, the container was full!! Thanks to AUST & HACHMANN CANADA, the container is now on its way by boat from Halifax, Canada to Vohemar, Madagascar, and if all goes well weather wise, it will arrive here before Christmas. It was challenge to get everything picked up and then sorted out by category for shipping, but with the amazing help of the AUST & HACHMANN CANADA team, we did it! To read AUST & HACHMANN CANADA’s blog about the container, please click on this link:

Here are just a few pictures of what is on it’s way.

Here is the entire list of items that we managed to collect:
24 boxes of used books and encyclopedias
71 boxes of used clothes and shoes for men/women/kids (6 boxes from PARASUCO)
9 boxes of used computers, printers, keyboards, cameras, laptops
11 boxes of toys and games for kids
4 boxes of used backpacks and school bags
9 boxes of school supplies, office supplies, medical supplies, and kitchen supplies
5 boxes of sports equipment
8 boxes of bed sheets, pillows, towels and linens
1 grass cutter
5 rakes
3 shovels
1 rocking horse for kids
11 bicycles for adults
8 bicycles for kids
4 scooters for kids
1 book shelf
7 walkers with wheels
26 pairs of crutches
12 walking canes
2 mattresses
1 filing cabinet
10 boxes of new t-shirts with Macolline and A&H logo (650 t-shirts from ADVENTNORTH)
6 boxes of new soccer balls with Macolline and A&H logos (300 soccer balls from AUST & HACHMANN CANADA)
2 boxes of new baseball caps with Macolline and A&H logos (200 baseball caps from ADVENTNORTH)

I want to thank everyone that helped me to collect items that were needed and to also to thank everyone that made the efforts to generously donate supplies! Also, a big MISAOTRA (thank you) to Mr Eddie Fernard, Antalaha’s new Mayor, for helping me with the customs tariffs.

Here is list of those that participated:
-The Van der Walde family and the Aust&Hachmann Canada team: David van der Walde, Manon De Ladurantaye, Mina Fargnoli, Philip Bertrand, Christopher Richard, George Sutherland and Patricia Raymond, Mina Fargnoli’s family and friends: Sonia, Carlos, Victor, Sofia, Patty, Patrick, Annick, Audrey, Noah, Liana, Carlos, Jan Carlos, Anthony, Kayla, Anna Corso and family, Corso/Masone family. Incredible Mina, thank you!

Mina Fargnoli and Patricia Raymond played a huge role in making sure this all ran smoothly.

Carole Rocklin, David Moscovitch, Gloria Bruner, Shawna Adler, Jean Lebrun, Jonathan Adler, Debbi Adler, Karen Rocklin-Weare, Bobby and Elaine Moscovitch, Gerry Nichols, Howard and Suzanne and Eric Nichols, Dan Leger, Matt Caille, Rhoda Gordon, Carol Abramson, Pauline Rajabian, Maria Carriero, ALF, Sandy W, Mr and Mrs W, Debbie Bultz, Darren Quenneville, Dawn Gordon and many who wish to remain anonymous.

A special thanks to Terry Roth and his friends for gathering a huge chunk of the items donated and for helping me with the transport to get everything together.

Canadian communities and businesses:

Parasuco Jeans Montreal, Quebec
AdventNorth Apparel Burlington, Ontario
St. Leonard Quebec community
Cote-St.-Luc Quebec community
St. Lazare and Hudson Quebec community
Constance Bay Ontario community
Anonymous- medical supplies

The contents of the container will be distributed to:

The C.A.L.A. leprosy village

Hospitals throughout the S.A.V.A. region

City Hall of Antalaha

Macolline botanical sight workers

The local orphanage

Vanilla Orchid: the school for local physically and mentally challenged children

Local police department

A new English library at the C.A.L.A. shop

C.U.R.S.A. University

5 thoughts on “Gifts to grow!

  1. Congratulations on amassing such a variety of merchandise which will benefit all ages of the community.
    I am in awe of your capacity to give with a full heart; your time, your energy and obviously your love.
    All the best to you!
    Sheryl Shuchat

  2. Joey – Its so good to see the fruition of almost a year of your efforts to organize that container’s filling, arranging shipment and put it on its journey to the other side of the world. Your diligence in organizing all the dropoff points and coordinating the collection and people and transport must have been almost a fulltime task. Not to mention organizing and vetting what gets shipped and the preparation of sorting bins and boxes…You are a star !

    I can only imagine the look on the faces and joy they express of everyone who will benefit from these items as they are being unloaded and distributed. Kids will have bicycles and toys and backpacks and clothes. The sick and infirm will receive much needed medical supplies and devices that will bring them comfort. New education are in the books, and uniforms and sports equipment will provide countless hours of exercise and fun. The items we take for granted here are going to be the essential building blocks to improving the community you work at so diligently to grow and flourish.

    Each of us can only hope to make a small difference in the world, but you and your perseverance and nonstop diligence are making a monumental change for the better for these beautiful people on that island almost forgotten by the western civilization.

    I know that each day brings new challenges for you, yet you just tackle them as hurdles to overcome in making such a huge difference to the village and community you have been so selfless to embrace.

    What this world would be if there were only more people like you Joey who actually do things instead of griping about what others should do.

    On behalf of our small group of friends who donated but one small portion; DT, SW, Mika, Brian Toms, Wendy Boyz, Jeremy Price-Williams, Sylvie Bourgeault, Richard Adler and so many who went around collecting, we are so grateful to you that these items and your efforts, will be all put to such good use.

    Terry Roth

  3. Hi Jo

    Glad to hear that the container is loaded and on its way to you. Hopefully it will arrive sans problem and the community will will benefit from the contents

    Love Dad and Glo

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