Update on two of the kids that JHA FUND supports

Yola did not do very well this semester in school due to a late start, so I have hired two of my English students to be her tutors for the next two semesters. They split the work according to the subjects that they are good at. She now gets help for 4 hours a week and she is really keen on making improvements. I am proud of her dedication.
imageOlivier, on the other hand, came in 5th of 38 students in his class! His school principle even sent me a letter saying that he is a very serious student and that I am not wasting my time by sponsoring him. This kid was so proud of himself his smile when he brought me his report card was priceless.

Proud Olivier.

imageBoth of these kids are orphaned as their parents abandoned them. Yola lives with her grandfather who is a leper and is handicapped as a result. Aside from going to school, she prepares meals, does the laundry by hand and keeps the bungalow clean.


Yola and grandpapa.

imageOlivier has a little more help at home with siblings and cousins so he has more time to dedicate to his studies. He also works at Macolline on weekends helping with reforestation and maintenance of the park.
Both are wonderful children and I am blessed to be able to help them.
Thanks to all JHA FUND supporters for helping me to help others. A special thank you goes out to Marg and Heinz from Switzerland for contributing directly to the fund specifically for Olivier.


And thank you to my cousin Bobby and his family for financing Yola with a bicycle to get her to and from school. The bike is an import from China and therefore was very poorly built, repairs have cost more so far than the actual bike itself! Other than the frame, all other parts had to replaced in a three month period. The guy that repairs her bicycle is also a leper that lives at the village so this keeps someone else in the JHA FUND circle employed!


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