Cyclone ENAWO Relief Effort

Click here for a montage of what we are facing in our CALA villages and at Macolline in Antalaha.

The results of cyclone ENAWO

BBC Report from March 11th 2017

Cyclone Enawo: Madagascar death toll rises to 38 (As of 17 March, over 80 deaths have been reported across the country, with many other people reported missing.)

Another 180 people were injured and 53,000 displaced when the cyclone hit the country’s north-east on Tuesday.

The cyclone destroyed roads and cut off communications to the north-eastern Antalaha district.

It dumped 12 inches of rain across the region in 12 hours on Tuesday, with winds reaching up to 300km/h (185mph).

“The damage is enormous wherever the cyclone has gone.” -Thierry Venty, executive secretary of the National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management

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