Environmental defence and leprosy; how can you make a difference?


CHARITIES AID FOUNDATION (CAF): It is my pleasure to announce that CAF America/Canada’s Eligibility Committee has determined that Macolline/CALA-Leprosy Relief Committee of Antalaha is now eligible to receive grants! Click on the link below to see our CAF website!https://cafa.iphiview.com/cafa/Organizations/OrganizationView/tabid/437/dispatch/byorganization_id$182437_hash$c1059cec791b54d17864bfedc73c34f92439d3ff/Default.aspx

For those that have been following my blog, know that a couple of my goals here in Antalaha, Madagascar include:

  1. Giving work to the physically challenged former leprosy victims and their families by getting them back in to the social and economic life of the region and;
  2. To raise awareness and educate as many teachers and students as possible about conservation, nature and reforestation.

Together with my local counterpart and mentor, Marie-Hélène Kam Hyo and Macolline botanical trail, we have successfully managed to achieve both at the same time! How can YOU be the change with JHA FUND?

I have attached a grant request document, explaining our action plan for environmental education, including our budget needs. Feel free to share it with anyone that you think may be interested in contributing to our cause. Donors are able to make tax-deductible gifts to CAF with Macolline as the grant recipient! The website link for CAF/Macolline is https://cafa.iphiview.com/cafa/Organizations/OrganizationView/tabid/437/dispatch/byorganization_id$182437_hash$c1059cec791b54d17864bfedc73c34f92439d3ff/Default.aspx

There is a minimum of a $500 donation with CAF. But, if a tax receipt is not necessary and someone wants to make a smaller donation, there is always the option of going to my website and donating through Paypal https://jhafund.com/ or by email bank transfer. The grants go directly towards our projects of course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. I hope that my document and the CAF website explains it all, but I can always offer more information, if needed.

I am devoted to my work here as waking up every morning knowing I’m on a mission, followed by fulfilling moments throughout the days, I have learned that life is very simple. It only becomes complicated and unbearable when you think only of yourself. As soon as you begin helping others, the unity sets in.

I thank you for your consideration in helping me to help the people of Antalaha. And please pass this on!

With love from Madagascar, Africa.

Joey Moscovitch



One thought on “Environmental defence and leprosy; how can you make a difference?

  1. Hey Joey,
    Don’t back y et yet please, cause we need you always. Thank you so much for you helping Antalaha and teaching many student or teacher too. We are happy for your volonty. God blesse you and tour familly too.
    Fabrice jour Student

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