Will Ebola cross the ocean in to Madagascar?

Arrived at TNR (capital of Madagascar) 23:15 local time on Sept 4th, the journey from YUL (Montreal) had lasted 29 hours at this point. The island was almost completely pitch black from the plane window, barely any lights to be seen from the air as we were landing. We were let off the plane on the tarmac, it was surprisingly “cold” at 16C with a strong cool breeze. Lining up outside, to go in to the airport for passport control, I approach my turn to enter the door way, an employee standing there, wearing coveralls, suddenly puts a zapper gun to my temple and I hear a “click!” in my ear. I was shocked as he didn’t say anything, he just aimed and zapped the minute he could get access to the side of my head. The few people in front of me didn’t seem to ask him what he was doing but they looked just as shocked as I was. When I inquired, he simply grunted; “Ebola”. Between his accent and my shock and exhaustion, I had to ask three times before I understood. So, is this device going to beep non-stop or maybe self destruct, if it detected a positive result?, I thought to myself. And what if it does detect someone, will they be deported? Quarantined? There are no more flights out of TNR tonight, not to mention, no ambulances or fire trucks waiting anywhere to help out. A little while later, when I was waiting in the visa line, I peak over at this Ebola detector guy and I observe him letting a few people go through without zapping their foreheads because they are simply piling in the door way too quickly for him to keep up. So he they just passed him by, pas de zap.
Sadly, within my first few minutes of landing, I experience a perfect example of the Madagascar government not taking enough care to ensure that this precious island and it’s people stay healthy and disease free. I do of course like the idea that the World Health Organization is at least attempting to prevent it (assuming that this zapper can seriously detect Ebola) but it’s the haphazard way of completing the task efficiently and effectively that is the issue here, especially when not supervised. Not to mention; did this guy’s boss actually think that one person was going to be able to zap 300+ people as they piled in the airport doors??
The media is very busy reporting the dangers and scaring everyone in to sending money to Africa to save the day. Yes, the awareness is important, but now that we are all in the know, all over the world, what is the game plan to help prevent it from spreading so quickly??? Don’t hear much about that, do we…

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